Acoustic Drum Kit: Samples + Ableton Instrument

Perpetual Licence + Updates = £3

This download contains samples recorded from a Gretsch Drum kit in an acoustically treated room, 
using a range of high end microphones and pre-amps. 

These recordings have been multi-sampled to create a realistic and dynamic Ableton Live Drum Rack 

Sample Info: over 100 Samples -24bit 48khz 

Kick Drum x 4 
Kick Drum (Mute) x 8 
Snare x 12 
Snare (Mute) x 15 
Rim x 12 
Rim (Mute) x 10 
Closed Hi-Hat x 12 
Open Hi-Hat x 5 
Ride (Stick) x 8 
Ride-Bell (Stick) x 6 
Ride (Brush) x 6 
Ride (Mallet) x 8 
Coming Soon for Customers = 
Full Brush & Mallet articulations, Toms, More Cymbals & Rides. 

Ableton Info: 
The .alp (ableton live pack) contains a pre-mapped multi-velocity drum rack 
+ 12 x Multi-Sampled Instruments 
+ Multi[le articulations (brushes, mallets) 
+ Instrument Device Racks for flexible and powerful sound design. 
+ Presets. 

Enjoy making music with this lovely drum kit! 🙂 
[] 2019 

Microphone List: 
-Audix D6 
-Senhieser 421 
-AKG C414 
-Shure SM57 x2

Download from Bandcamp

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By noz


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