Don’t leave your music in the hands of an algorithm or preset – use the Ark Audio Mastering Service.

£24 for 1 Master.
Discounts for multiple tracks. Contact for details.
Standard Turnaround: 4 Days. (Express Service Available)

How it works:
Contact Me > Discuss Price & Mastering Style > Upload Tracks> Tracks Mastered > Preview sent to you > Payment > Download > (revision).

Mastering is the final stage in music production before distribution.

Your music is optimized for the release format, ensuring it translates well on every listening system, and holds up against comercial competition.

Ark Audio’s Mastering Engineer (Noah F-K) studied the principals and complexities of mastering in a BA Degree at dBs Music, and has mastered countless tracks of many styles throughout his career.

Noah’s refined critical listening skills and disciplined mastering technique enables your music to sound the best it can.

Whilst there are many cheap automated online mastering services, the quality of the final product will never match that of a human engineer. We know what music should sound like. We have an efficient mastering workflow, this is why we can keep our prices low, and we want to give people access to good mastering at affordable prices, rather than making you use a robot.

treated space and trained mastering engineer using the right tools are the minimum requirements for commercial mastering standards.

Ark Audio uses proffessional digital mastering plugins, a wide array of tools for broad options in mastering styles. Masters will be tested on multiple playback sytems.

Our Mastering Software includes:

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