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Ark Audio was founded in 2018 by Noah Feasey-Kemp,

Noah’s audio skills & services have been used by both commercial companies and manymusicians. Full client list here.

BA Degree in Music Production & Sound Engineering at dBs Bristol.
Studying: Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Mixing, Mastering, Advanced Production Techniques, Recording Technique, Sound Manipulation & Transformation, Audio Spacialisation, Sampling, Synthesis, Digital Signal Processing and Audio Circuit Design and more.

Noah in his natural habitat…

In 2015 Noah launched an independent record label (Ark Records), publishing music with a DIY and experimental attitude, released digitaly and physically. Ark Records has served as a platform for underground artists to reach new listeners and take their vibrations beyond the reaches of their bedroom.

Noah is also offering music production tutoring, face-to-face or online, to enable individuals to learn how to make music.

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