Moog Sub 37 Sample Pack + Ableton Live Instruments

Perpetual Licence + Updates = £3

This download contains samples recorded from a Moog Sub 37, one of the warmest analog synths around. With deep, resonant bass tones that are guaranteed to get your room shaking!

These recordings have been edited for instant jamming/play in ableton live’s sampler.

Sample Info: — over 150 Samples —-  24bit 48khz 

– Triangle Oscillator (C1-C8) 
– Saw Oscillator (C1-C8) 
– Square Oscillator (C1-C8) 
– Needle Oscillator (Coming Soon!) 

Ableton Info: Ready to play instantly

+ 5x Ableton Devices 
+ Ableton Moog Sub37 Rack 
+ Many Presets (coming soon to all owner) 
+ Instrument Device Racks for flexible and powerful sound design. 

The .alp (ableton live pack) contains each oscilator as its own sample device 
(a sample recorded per note, tuned and looped to sustain as smooth as possible.) 

There are tracks to compare this synth with ableton live’s built in synthesizers. 

Enjoy making music with this lovely synth! 🙂 

Download from Bandcamp

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