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Ark Audio offers a range of industry grade services to refine and finalise your music and audio. We can help with both creative and technichal elements of production.

Contact us to discuss bespoke or customised services to foryour project.

Recording (Studio Sessions)
Accoustic Drum Tracks
Sound Design

Multi-Track Mixing:

Stand above the crowd with a cohesive, detailed and balanced mix from an experienced mix engineer.

Corrective and Creative methods:
to fix imperfections and enhance clarity, interest, and texture.

We are capable of producing mixes for complex projects to distribution & broadcast standard with cutting edge techniques and equipment.

Ark Audio utilises a hybrid Analog & Digital mixing style, reaping the benefits of both domains.

£ Prices dpendant on number of tracks per song, and song amount.


Don’t leave your music in the hands of an algorithm or preset.

A treated space and trained mastering engineer using the right software are the minimum requirements for commercial mastering standards.

Optimize your music for the release format, ensuring it translates well on every system. Refined critical listening skills and a disciplined mastering technique results in your music sounding the best it can.

Ark Audio has studied the principals and complexities of mastering at dBs Music.
£24 Per Master, bulk discounts available.


Musical ideas or concepts?
In your head, or on paper?

We can help you develop your sonic projects from start to end.

This may include Ark Audio adding more elements (recordings or virtual instruments), re-arrangement and re-structuring work, adding detailed automation. Ark Audio understands the requirements for making powerful music and captivating sonic art.

We will communicate with you and determine the needs of your project. If you are a musician or artist looking for a producer to help you refine your sound, or make ground breaking records, then lets work together.

£ dependent on project scale



Original music & scores composed from scratch

or a second pair of ears and hands on your half-written projects

Ark Audio offers knowledge from a multi-instrumental and nuanced music theory background, as an active composer with hundreds of original compositions over the years. Ark Audio can compose music for Film, TV, Advertisement, or in purely musical projects.
Score Examples available (contact me)

£ Price dependant on Composition scale.


Remote Session Drummer

No longer rely on the same boring drum loops and samples.

Quick, Simple, and affordable, this service allows your music to stand out from the crowd with unique and original real drum & percussion recordings.

We offer bands, artists, songwriters & producers the oppertunity to have a real drum kit recorded to their music, without the hassle of booking studio time, session musicians, travel.
Simple process:
📨 1. Send your music.
🎤  2. Drums are Recorded.
📩 3. Download your HQ Drum recording


Project Consultation – Free

Noah can offer advice and guidance on your musical or creative audio projects. Having experience from idea creation to distribution, He can offer knowledge to help you make plans, overcome road blocks, and refine your artistic vision and direction, with respect to your beliefs and desires. If you want any of your music to be critiqued by an Audio Engineer, then Email your tracks to

Audio Editing & Restoration:

Clicks, pops, hums, buzzing, hiss in your recording? Too much background noise on your vocal? Drummer can’t play in time? We can fix that using a range of software and techniques. 

£ Price dependant on scale.


Music Production Tutorials and Education

Learn how to make better music with music production tutorials. From learning how to use your software, music theory, arrangement to mixing & mastering.

We offer one-to-one tutorials and education on music production. Having graduated with the highest grade (1st) in a BA Audio Engineering and Music Poduction at DBS Bristol, long-time production Veteran Noah F-K is offering his knowledge and guidence. We can offer lessons in any music production related topic. From the basics, and starting points, to advanced and complex techniques and theory.

Face to face or online tuition available. £15 an Hour, bulk discounts available.

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