Sonic Installations + Sculpture

Ark Audio can facilitate the design and creation of interactive Sonic Art Installations.

Using cutting edge open-source technology (both hardware and software) that allow the interfacing of sound with other forms of energy (motion, light, pressure, water, visual interaction) we can create bespoke audio controllers, synths/ sound generators or other forms of interactive sonic artwork.


Pendulum Wave:

Ark Audio designed and constructed this device under comission for sound artist James Roberts.
The pendulum wave is a physics toy that demonstrates the beauty of maths within nature. It was Ark Audio’s mission to convert this physics sculpture into a sonic device. Using arduinos, each swinging ball triggers a note. The results are mesmerisng.


Drone Defined:

verb – drone – drəʊn
make a continuous low humming sound.
“in the far distance a machine droned”
synonyms: hum, buzz, whir, vibrate, murmur, rumble, purr, hiss, whisper, sigh.

Light-Controlled Oscillation. This concept machine demonstrates the possibilities of connecting sound with other sensory modalities.

Surround Controller

Light Xylophone

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