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Comparing Ableton’s ‘Analog’ with a Moog Sub 37

Moog Sub 37

This post contains a comparison of Ableton Live’s stock instruments against Ark Audio’s own recorded instruments.

The first is a Moog Sub 37 against Ableton’s stock “Analog” Synth.

As you scroll through the tracks, you will notice that the Moog samples have a warmth, depth, and non-linearity that is more pleasing to the ear than the digitaly-generated unsatisfying and lifeless tones of Ableton’s synth.

Because the Moog creates its sound with analog electronic circuitry and components, there is a tiny degree of instability (therefore variation) in the oscilations of the wave.

This continuous and infinite variation is not present in digitally produced waves, and is why digital synthesizers (like Ableton Live’s unfairly named “Analog”) can be unpleasing.

The waveforms they produce are un-natural to the human ear, as the construction of sounds in nature are irregular, and asymmetrical and not binary.

You can download the Moog Sub 37 Samples to harness the power of physical electronics within ableton live, and experience the beatuy of analog synthesis for yourself, and in your music.

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